Tibor Akos Hevesi DVM, Ph.D, dr.habil, honorary prof., senior veterinary surgeon


2007: Postgraduate Diploma in Equine Medicine, Szent Istvan University, Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, Budapest, Hungary (reg. no.: PT A 0002073-22/2007)
2005: Scientific Journalist, Balint Gyorgy Academy of Journalism, Budapest (reg. date.: 30. 06. 2005)
1997: DrMedVet, University of Veterinary Sciences, Budapest, Hungary (reg. no.: 26)

Scientific qualifications

2012: dr. habil, senior research fellow: reg. no.: 5/2012 Szent Istvan University, Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, Budapest
2005: Ph.D, summa cum laude. Subject: Examination of pathological changes of the podotrochlear region by using radiological and histological methods in horses with navicular syndrome (reg. no.: 11/2005); University of Kaposvár


2012 – : Senior Veterinary Surgeon, Kaposvár University
2009 – 2012: Deputy Director, Szent István University, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Clinic for Large Animal, Budapest
2001 – 2009: Veterinary Researcher, Institute of Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Oncology, Kaposvár University,  Department of Animal Science
1999 – : Senior Veterinary Surgeon, Hungarian Equine Rehabilitation and Health Service Ltd., Kaposvár (www.pannonlogyogyasz.hu)
1999-2000: Equine Veterinary Surgeon, Pannon Equestrian Academy, Kaposvár
1998: Intern, University of Veterinary Science, Department and Clinic of Surgery and Ophthalmology, Budapest

Clinical Experience

1999: Founder, managing director and Senior Veterinary Surgeon of Hungarian Equine Rehabilitation and Health Service Ltd.

  • Total of 52.367 treatments and examinations –including imagings, aqua training/rehabilitation – exclusively on horses and much less frequently on cattle
  • Imagings: Total of 23.220 images (X-ray: digital and analog, ultrasonography, endoscopy (bronchoscopy, gastroscopy, MRI, CT, early pregnancy scans on cattle)
  • Total of 1276 surgical treatments exclusively on horses (orthopaedic, abdominal, on reproductive organs etc.)

Further trainings

2011: European Equine Upper Airway Surgical Workshop, (instructors: Prof. Dr. K.J. Boening, Prof. Dr. J.G. Lane, Dr. Fabrice Rossignol, Dr. Celine Mespoulhés-Riviére)
2010: Annual European Equine Advanced Arthroscopy Course, Tierklinik Telgte, Germany (instructor: Prof. Dr. C.W. McIlwraith, Prof. Dr. I.Wright, Prof. Dr. K.J. Boening)
2010: Annual European Equine Basic Arthroscopy Course, Tierklinik Telgte, Germany (instructor: Prof. Dr. C.W. McIlwraith, Prof. Dr. I.Wright, Prof. Dr. K.J. Boening)
2010: Practical Course of LASER in Medicine, Budapest, Hungary (reg. no.: SE-TK/2010 I./0094/006
2008: Equine Dentistry Seminar, Epona-Hortobágy, Hungary (instructor: Prof. Dr. Hubert Simhofer) (organizer and participant)
2007: Austrian Exchange Service – Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research Scholarship at University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, Clinic for Orthopaedics in Ungulates, Austria (instructor: Prof. Dr. Christian Stanek)
2006: Technics in equine surgery, Budapest, Hungary (instructor: Prof. Dr. J. A. Auer)
2005: Practical technics in equine lameness diagnostics, Budapest, Hungary (instructor: Prof. Dr. John Walmsley)
2003: AGP-meeting on Performance Diagnosis of Joints, Bonn, Germany
1998: Epona Horse Farm, Artificial Insemination Center, Hortobágy, Hungary
1997: Equine Digit Support System, Kelispell, Montana, USA (instructor: Gene Ovnicek)
1995-1996: Colorado Equine Clinic Denver, Colorado, USA (instructor: Dr. Barbara Page)
1995: Animal Hospital of Gödöllő, Large Animal Department, Gödöllő, Hungary (instructor: Dr. László Bucsy)
1994: National Stud of Lipicaners, Dálnok, Romania
1993: Lisbeth Borg Hugosson Equine Service, Örsundsbro, Sweden

Achievements, Awards

2012: Granted as Honorary Professor at University of Kaposvár (RH/402-3/2012).
2011: Performed the first tie-back surgery on horse by metal implant in Hungary at the Hungarian Equine Rehabilitation and Health Service Ltd.
2011: Performed the first modified laparoscopic minimal invasive criptorchydectomy in Hungary at the Large Animal Clinic of Szent Istvan University
2010-: Major steps in re-launching the Hungarian production of equine dental medical instruments in cooperation with a large human medical instrument manufacturer
2010: Performed the first laparoscopy for nephro-splenic closure in Hungary at the Large Animal Clinic of Szent Istvan University
2010: Performed the first ventriculo-cordectomy on a horse by diode LASER in Hungary at the Large Animal Clinic of Szent Istvan University
2007: Organizer of the first “Veterinary Nurse” education program in Hungary.
2006: Leader of the 1st in vivo MRI research project in Hungary on foals’ distal limb dealing with normal and abnormal enchondral ossification and differentiation of the layers in the hyaline cartilage.
2006: Award of the Regional Committee of Hungarian Academy of Sciences
2006: Development and installation of the 1st water treadmill that can work with medical, thermal and normal water for equine rehabilitation and training in Europe
2005: Installation of the 1st mobile digital X-ray unit for research and clinical activity in Hungary at the Hungarian Equine Rehabilitation and Health Service Ltd.
2005: The 1st detection of Theileria equi infection in horses in Hungary.
2005: The poster: Separation of the different layers in the hyaline cartilage of the navicular bone in newborn foals by using magnetic resonance imaging comparison with histology was chosen into the 7 best at the 9th Congresse on Equine Medicine and Surgery in Geneve.
2003: The 1st detection of syringohydromyelia in dog’s spinal cord in Hungary.
2003: 1st award in XI. Congress of Equine Practitioners, Poster section, Budapest. Subject: Usability of MRI sequences applied on adult horses’ hooves in the case of foals
1997: 3rd award in Students National Conference, Section of Agricultural Sciences, Subsection of Animal Health. Subject: Morphological comparison of hooves of wild and domestic horses

Social activities

2009 – present: Member of Doctorate College of Science in Animal Breeding, University of Kaposvar
2005 -2011: Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
2005 – 2009: Vice-President of the Hungarian Association of Equine Practitioners
2004 – 2007: Member of the Ethic and Professional Postgraduate Studies Committee of the Hungarian Veterinary Chamber, Somogy County
2000 – persent:  Founder of the “Foundation for Equine Health Care” non-profit organisation

Sponsored activities

2010: XI. Avian Immunology Research Group Meeting, Budapest
2006 – 2011: Students Conference of Veterinary Sciences, Budapest
2005:  I. Regional Show Jumper Competition for Men and Women, Kaposvár
2004: Major sponsor of competitions organized by the Somogy County Breeding Federation of Ponies
2001-2012: Masters Competition of Show Jumpers, Dressage World Cup, Pannon Animal Stock Show
1999-2000: Series of presentations on the Major Diseases of Horses Part I-II.

Special field of professional interest

equine orthopedy, equine dentistry, minimally invasive surgical techniques (laser, laparoscopy, arthroscopy), non-invasive imaging (X-ray, ultrasound, MRI, CT) of the horse for clinical and research purposes