Hospital facilities:

  • Treating room, 2 recovery boxes, CT examination room, laboratory
  • Boxes are equipped with water meters, cameras, shock absorbing floors and suspension systems
  • Individual paddocks, round pen


Surgical Facilities:

  • Complete range of surgical instruments for soft tissue/ orthopaedic surgery and ophthalmology.
  • 25 W diode surgical laser (for the surgical treatment of laryngeal hemiplegia, DDSP and other low-level laser applications)
  • Olympus arthroscope set, full instrument set with accessories
  • Storz laparoscopy set, full instrument set with accessories
  • 2 complete camera platforms (light source, screen, 2 full set of modules, Olympus and Storz)
  • Snell 2000 hydraulic surgery table
  • LAVC-2000 D large animal anaesthetic machine with respirator
  • EDAN 8 surgical monitor
  • 4 Small animal anaesthetic machine with respirators



  • Videogastroscope, 3 m working length, 2 bronchoscope (140 cm working length) and 1 cystoscopes (100 cm working length, 5,3 mm working channel diameter)
  • Videogastroscope, 3 m working length, 2 bronchoscope (140 cm working length) and 1 cystoscopes (100 cm working length, 5,3 mm working channel diameter)
  • Dental and head surgery equipment:
  • Szájkamera
  • Equipment and surgical instruments for surgeries of the head and the sinuses (pneumatic oscillating saw, dental compressor, trephines, etc.)
  • 3 electric rasp sets
  • Equipment for peri-endodontic therapy
  • Extraction tools such as dental forceps, and unique instruments for cutting teeth


  • 6 slice Siemens computed tomography system (CT), the first in Central and Eastern Europe that enables scans on both standing and anaesthetised horses, available since 2018
  • 3 digital portable x-ray machines, 2 of them mobile DR panels and 1 clinical CR panel
  • 4 portable ultrasound machine with probes (abdominal, orthopaedic, rectal)

In-house Laboratory:

  • Hematology and biochemistry analyser, microscopes, centrifuges

Lameness evaluation:

  • Digital, telemetric lameness locator: Equinosis (unique in Central and Eastern Europe)
  • Estride Harmony: digital diagnostic tool for evaluating saddle fit and riding techniques
  • ECG holter monitor

Hydrotherapy and rehabilitation:

  • The only water treadmill in Hungary, available since 2007, for speeds between 0 and 17 km/h, can be used with water and as a conventional treadmill for training and rehabilitation

Other specialised, portable or clinical equipment for orthopaedic treatments:

  • Centrifuge set for the preparation of autologous platelet-rich plasma and Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Protein (Arthrex IRAP – PRP szett)
  • Shock wave therapy (portable, Shockwave Storz)

Stud work:

  • Liquid nitrogen container for storage of frozen semen
  • Instruments for artificial insemination with chilled or frozen semen and for placing the semen into the uterine horn
  • Instruments and equipment for collecting and handling semen

Ambulatory services:

Our 4 vehicles carry a comprehensive range of portable diagnostic equipment (radiography and ultrasonography machines digital endoscopy devices) which allows our vets to provide services such as dentistry or emergency treatment of colic or wounds at your yard.