I founded the predecessor of the Pannon Equine Healthcare and Rehabilitation Practice in 1999 with the aim of establishing an animal health service in the Transdanubian region to diagnose and treat the surgical, internal medical and reproduction diseases of large animals both in the field and in a clinical environment.

Our vehicles are equipped with portable X-rays, ultrasound, endoscopes and dentistry equipment to provide comprehensive services at your yard. We have been providing clinical services at our hospital since 2003 and have upgraded our clinical services in 2016 with the opening of our new international clinic, one of the 5 best equipped equine hospitals in Eastern Europe. We established our equine dental centre in the same year, the first in Eastern Europe. Our specialist provide a wide range of services: orthopaedics, lameness evaluation, treatment  of periodontal disease, dental fillings, endodontics, comprehensive stud work, internal medicine, a wide range of surgical procedures, arthroscopy, laparoscopy, laser surgery, hydrotherapy for rehabilitation. We are proud to have opened the first CT diagnostic center in Central and Eastern Europe capable of scanning both standing, sedated horses and horses under general anaesthesia. This imaging method is indispensable for performing advanced dentistry and head surgery. Our 8 veterinarians and 5 veterinary technicians provide 24/7 services, supported by administrative staff and 2 radiology technicians. We treat ~ 1800 cases every year. Since the start in 1999 we have performed almost 80 000 treaments and 3000 surgical procedures. Our stalls are equipped with water meters and cameras, and horses have access to individual paddocks to ensure their comfort and safety. We established a partnership with the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna in 2001 and have been cooperating ever since. We also work with European recognised ECVS, ECEIM, EVDC veterinary specialists from the UK, the Netherlands and Germany. For detailed information regarding our services and developments please visit our website.

Tibor Ákos Hevesi DVM, Ph.D, Habil,
honorary professor, specialist in equine medicine, senior veterinary surgeon