Electrical dental care

The condition of the teeth is one of the most important fact and measure of the horses general state of health and condition. The routine at certain times (every6-8 months) dental control and if necessary treatment contribute to the horses everyday affinity to work. Without good teeth the utilization of the feed greatly declines. The teeth that are not properly worn out may hurt the mucous membrane of the mouth and tongue causing a painful, unpleasant feeling and danger to develop a more severe bacterial infection.
Some symptoms are to be paid attention to: losing weight, scattering feed while eating, problematic chewing and refusal at work.
Routine dental care helps keeping the teeth in a good health and it is an opportunity of curing the abnormalities in time, too.
It recommended to have examined the teeth of a horse every 6-8 months by a vet and rasp them yearly if it is needed.
The vets at Hungarian Equine Rehabilitation and Healthcare Service are at your service with electronic dental devices and remove the problematic tooth if it is needed/wolf and other teeth/.