Introduction and Description

Hungary is rich in curative water resources. Minerals from the different layers of rocks are dissolved into the hot water as it surges towards the surface. The curative features of thermal waters and curative waters are due to these dissolved substances. Since 2006 Hungarian Equine Rehabilitation and Health Service has been focusing on development of special underwater treadmills to transfer the medical benefits of balneotherapy towards animals. Since 2010 we expanded our innovations focusing on human mobile underwater equipments, too. These later constructions fit into already existing pools.

Thermal waters play a role in the therapy of various diseases as well as in the maintenance of our health (prevention). Bathing in thermal water is called balneotherapy. Blood vessels become dilated in the water, blood and lymphatic circulation is stimulated, painful muscle cramps resolve, excretion is increased. Minerals are active after being absorbed via the skin. Different curative waters are used to treat different conditions based on their composition. Waters containing high amounts of calcium and iodine are indicated in the case of inflammatory and locomotor diseases, waters containing high amounts of sulfur in the case of degenerative lesions of the spinal cord and the limb joints while waters containing high amounts of carbonic acid are used in the therapy of heart and peripheral vascular diseases.

Thermal and curative waters have the same physiological effects on animals – primarily pleasure and racing horses and dogs – as on humans. In equine practice curative water is used in itself without exercising the animal. In this case, the animals stand in a tank and the affected parts are massaged with a water-jet. Only normal, tap water-quality water is used in tread-mills or pools where the animal is performing exercise. One of the reasons for this is technological: equipment with moving parts that are available now contain too many metal parts, which react with water containing high amounts of salts. Traditional swimming pools are more dangerous and expensive to build and to operate because they require a bigger space and large amounts of water. In our products the water is filtered and thermoregulated while circulating in the closed system of the tread-mills we plan, thus decreasing the water need. Of course the unit can be used for exercise without water.
The main technical parameters of the equipment have been developed with the above mentioned taken into consideration. The unit designed for horses is suitable for use with all water types (curative, thermal, normal).

Special option

Thermal crystal support for medical water use: special thermal crystals from Hungary can be added as required to the AquaHunVet water treadmills to increase the physiological benefits of the equipment.

More information

If you are intersted in about our products please do not hesitate to call us for more information. We are happy to help your horse being more healthy.

Construction and Installation

Our team is not building only routinely constructed equipments but satisfy special requests that based on special circumstances. We check the latter scene of the equipment before giving the installation plan and the offer. If the latter scene is „green area” we have installation plan to help your engineers.

Aquatrainer for horses

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Installed equipment for dogs

Aquatrainer for humans

Introduction and Description of Equine Dental Instruments

Since 2010 we have been cooperating with Medicor Hand Instrument Co. to develop and produce handy equine dental equipments for the market. During our cooperation we both focus on safe, practical, handy, durable and cost worthy development and production of instruments. All developed products are tested at the Hungarian Equine Rehabilitation and Health Service Ltd. for several months to be 100% perfect. If you are interested in our products please call us (+36-30-300 4914) for more information or send mail ( to us for catalogue.

In action

Dental instruments