Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is a very important curing activity, although it is rarely mentioned to surgery and obstetrics. The feared colic disease can be treated successfully a high- standard internal treatment in around 80% of the cases. The Hungarian Equine Rehabilitation and Healthcare Service emphasises the development of instruments and service of the successful treatment of internal diseases (24-hour colic emergency service). Nowadays, like people also horses often become allergic and sensitive to something so a well-equipped and well-qualified animal health service is needed to diagnose and treat allergies. Unfortunately, more and more pathogen reaches Hungary which was unknown earlier or were not been able to isolate because of the lack of the right labour diagnostics. Our service is in connection to the German VetMedLab veterinarian laboratory. Cooperating with the Lab we were the first (in 2005) who had been able to diagnose the Hungarian presence of Theileria equi (the vector is a tic) which causes a serious babesiosis.