Like a unique service in the equine healthcare special aquatraining is possible only at Hungarian Equine Rehabilitation and Healthcare Service. Using the equipment we can change the height (maximum 160 cm) and the temperature of the water. The use of the machine can support the training of race, dressage, jumper and endurance horses. Following injuries or operations it can increase the chances of recovery and decreases the rehabilitation time. As a unique service, first in the world – in running machine -, we use medical and thermal water to increase the chances of recovery, which beneficial effects are well known in human health.
Using the underwater treadmill without water it is possible to perform clinical examinations to diagnose abnormalities, that only manifest during motion.

Main indications:

  • Increase the strength of extensor muscles
  • Increase acceleration during motion
  • Increase stride length
  • Decreasing pain in Osteoarthritis
  • Decreasing static load during rehabilitation after muscle, tendon or ligament injury
  • Decreasing static load during rehabilitation after OCD surgery
  • Soften scar tissue formations
  • Correction of imbalanced motion
  • Recommended in the treatment of Kissing Spines and back stiffness
  • Recommended in the rehabilitation after colic surgery
  • Decreasing breathing abnormalities in RAO
  • etc.